As a Camera Operator, Producer and Director of Photography, I learned how to create and capture great

shots according to the desired proposal. For example, working in the composition of the scenes, directing the crew or

operating the camera.In terms of equipment I've worked with DSRL cameras and also Go Pro camera.

I keep my passion to improve my knowlegde to work with different equipments.

Some cameras I've been working Canon t3i/600D; Canon 5D Mark II; Black Magic Pocket and Cinema 2.7K;

Lumix GH4; Go Pro Hero Black 3 and 4, Canon Cine c100 5D Mark II, Canon XC10, Sony a7s, Canon 6D.

Note: 99,9% of the videos on the website were recording by myself.





As a Film Editor, I had been working with two different softwares, Adobe Premiere CS6 and FInal Cut X.

Another improvement has been studying in Motion Graphics, as Motion 5.

Note: 100% of the videos on the website were editing by myself.





As a Content Producer, my work starts from the brainstorming element to the final product, helping with marketing strategists or even clients,

 the best way to use a multimedia platform such as videos, images, graphic designs, texts to communicate and promote ideas,

information, brands and stories in a digital world. Also I am available to produce all those multimedia materials with my team.





As a Audiovisual Consulting, I help marketing departments that are producing videos - by theirselves - giving them advices, training, and

teaching how to improve their audiovisual production, what are the best investment - for example in equipments - for what they want,

I explain how to talk in front of the camera, how to achieve an authentic contenta and so on. The idea is help the team achieve better results with videos.





Patricia Bernal - Any place of the World - Office Brazil: Google Campus - São Paulo