HELLO, I’m Patricia Bernal, a filmmaker, photographer and journalist born in São Paulo - Brazil.

I want to realize projects and business from great people - with great ideas. Vídeos, Photography and Content just make sense for me if we can explore new possibilities and create things using the power of storytelling, creativity and emotion.

I love to be involved in works that are transforming, impacting and creating new connections between people and also inspiring communities.

Also, through my own projects, I want to inspire everybody to believe that if they really want, they can become a MAKER of their own dreams.


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Well, let's go! I am the owner of WoW Films Media, a business specialised in startups, crowdfunding, social media, Youtube channel´s, corporate events and digital projects in general. Also provide audiovisual consultant for marketing departments and entrepreneurs.

Currently I'm studying Digital Marketing to bring a new vision for the industry business of videos and films for web and festivals.

I worked for 7 years (only) as a journalist and I had great opportunities to work in different kinds of media such as radio, tv programs, websites, blog, social media and magazines, the last one for the largest magazine company in Brazil, Abril Group Corp.

Since 2013, I'm dedicating my career to filmmaking and photography - besides to create content for my projects as you will know. I started to work profissionally with Audiovisual and Photography in Dublin, Ireland, where she lived for almost 2 years doing productions in different areas such as education, corporate clients, short films, general events in bussiness, marathons and weddings.

Since 2015, I'm in Brazil where I've been working in several business and digital project for web as Youtube channels, startups, crowdfunding, webseries, documentaries and digital entrepreneurship. Mato Grosso do Sul, Curitiba, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro are some cities that I travelled to produce videos, besides São Paulo and an international trip in Patagônia Chilena. Recently I was selected for a new project in LaFilm Institute called "Master Mind Cinema" a group that will produce webseries and film projects.

In 2015, I've started a Youtube channel called Câmera na Mão" where I teach and talks about audiovisual entrepreneurship and cinema. I also have been involved in projects to promote a female scene audiovisual in Brazil as the group called "MUFA Audiovisual - Mulheres Filmmakers e do Audiovisual" that had your first successful meeting in Cubo Coworking Itaú with the support of international audiovisual companies such as Adobe, Canon, Rode Microphones some Education Institutes in Cinema and medias, blogs and websites specialised in Cinema and Audiovisual such as Mulher no Cinema, Super Cinema, WIFT Brasil, 365 Filmes and many others .

I produced more than 100 videos, including 3 short-films. In this year, 2017, I started to develop and produce my first documentary called "Where is Creativity?", a project of IH!Criei, designed to bringing exclusive content about creativity, creative education, innovation in business and entrepreneurship through a plain, authentic and straightforward communication.

Just so you know, I'm graduated in Journalism and Social Communication in PUC-Campinas/Anhembi Morumbi-Internacional Laureate, studied Literary Journalism in UNICAMP, specialization in Cinema in Internacional Cinema Academy (AIC) and Audiovisual Technical Courses in DRC Trainning.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope we can talk very soon!

Cadê A Criatividade?
Um documentário vivo, criativo, contemporâneo e transformador.




I am video producer and director filmmaker specialised in web projects. In the cinema industry my main role is as Film Editor, Director of Photography, and Documentary Director.

Passion, Creativity and Storytelling are my goals!


A dynamic, easy and straightforward way to learn how to produce high quality videos. Also, expert advice and tips to improve your video production as D.I.Y, for your Youtube channel or video classes.

Believe me, you can do it and I can help you!


As a creative content creator my job is to come up with ideas for all your content projects such as Youtube Channels, Social Media or Web Projects in general.

More than 10 years of experience, so let´s create a valuable content, it´s the only way to survive on web!


You will learn about audiovisual entrepreneurship, how to produce better videos (Business or Youtube Channel), how to become a filmmaker, photographer or even a journalist with key skills in multimedia content.

Because Youtube is much more than just entertainment =)





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Weekly videos where you will learn all about audiovisual entrepreneurship, how to produce better videos (for your business or Youtube Channel), how to become a filmmaker, photographer or even a journalist with key skills in multimedia content. - Because Youtube is much more than just entertainment =)



"I had the pleasure of working with Patricia in a couple of projects and I have to say that Patricia is an excellent professional. In every work, she manages to bring all her creativity to make the most of it. Either being a photographer or a filmmaker, she excels handling her camera. I would strongly recommend Patricia for any photo session or video production".

Thaynan Mariano
Entrepreneur // Ceo Ideia Labs
"Patricia is a highly talented filmmaker with a passion for telling stories in very creative ways. She is a strong communicator and explains to the production crew exactly how to perform to achieve optimal results. Whatever the job is, her keen eye for details as well as pre and post production skills make her a proper professional."

Gabriel Montenegro
Entrepreneur Black Hill Tecnologia
"We began working with Patricia in spring of 2014 when she did our school promotional video. We were very impressed by the fresh ideas she brought to us, and how professional she was in her work. Her turnaround time was always very fast as well, which was greatly appreciated. In addition to our videos, Patricia has also done a number of photo shoots for the school and we have always been very happy with her skill and professionalism"

Sheila McCormack Cooney
Groups Manager Atlas Language School



Designed to bringing exclusive content about creativity, creative education, innovation in business and entrepreneurship through a plain, authentic and straightforward communication. Our target is to provide content about innovation and the future of areas of expertise encouraging new ways to educate, work and create - Don´t be shy, if I can create my ideas, you create yours!





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